Counseling Services

Experiencing difficulty conceiving can have emotional and physical effects on an individual or couple. Additionally, taking the step of going through fertility treatments can be a very exciting time but is likely to provide additional ups and downs to that emotional roller coaster in addition to impacting relationships and marriages.

As an additional service to our fertility patients, Boston IVF at The Women’s Hospital provides expert wellness and counseling services to our patients.

Wellness and Counseling Services at The Women’s Hospital
Center for Healing Arts and Wellness Services
7409 Eagle Crest Blvd. Suite G
Evansville, IN 47715

Our counseling team understands that we all carry our emotions in different manners. Some may be an open book and share their experiences, sadness and excitement with all, where other individuals wish to disguise emotions and work through them privately. Either way, she works with her clients based on their needs and can focus with you on topics including relationship and marriage counseling, handling times of stress and anxiety, what to do when you like to be in control but are facing a situation that is beyond your control, understanding the communication styles of others and more.