Why Don’t All Embryos Grow the Same?

Why don’t all embryos grow the same? It's a great question, and one we receive a lot! Although patients may have several embryos developing post-IVF retrieval, they all don’t always reach their full potential. Embryos may look similar at some stages, but differ greatly over time, due to chromosome imbalances or from simply lacking "energy". The following video illustrates this; the embryo on the right develops in a healthy manner, while the example on the left … Continue Reading

Fertility Treatment Options in Southwest Indiana!

If you are having difficulty conceiving, there are many professional fertility resources in the Evansville area that can help you discover the causes of your infertility and develop a treatment plan to help increase your chances of conceiving a healthy child. Fertility doctors in Evansville will typically diagnose you with infertility based on your age and how long you have been trying to conceive. If the female partner is under 35 and the couple has been … Continue Reading